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CV history en 2017

Kristín Bjarnadóttir is an Icelandic writer, poet, producer, journalist and former actress. She is born on the north coast of Iceland, now living in Gothenburg, Sweden. She graduated as an actress from Odense Teater Skuespillerskole, and worked in theatre for two decades, in Denmark, Iceland and Sweden. Tango came into her life in 1996 and her texts about dance have been published in the Icelandic literary magazine Tímarit Máls og Menningar and in the Swedish magazine Danstidningen. In her poetry she seeks the simplicity and the rhythmic sound of spoken word. Her book of narrative poems about the Argentinean tango, Ég halla mér að þér og flýg (I lean against you and fly), was published in Icelandic in 2007 and in Swedish in 2009. She has been giving readings in collaboration with different musicians, specialized in tango, among them the Argentinian bandoneonist and composer Carlos Quilici and the guitarist and composer Jorge Alcaide. She has been a queertangoactivist in Gothenburg since early 2012 – organizing practicas and giving lessons – as well as being tango DJ.

In the 80´s she wrote for the stage, monologs and short plays (for one of those she resaved a price for in a competition hold by the National Theater in Iceland  1985). But her focus was mainly on prosa-poetry for stage and audio; she made a serie of programs for Radio with own texts. One of those project focus on live at fish fabric in the harbor of Reykjavik and on a trawler, with inspiration from the living language only spoken by the fishers. (Placespecific texts that are hard to translate).

Kristín began to publish her poems in magazine’s and anthologies’ already in the end of 70´s and at the same time she was translating poetry of female Nordic writhers, aside her work in theaters in Iceland. Her own texts from those years are not to be found in books, except anthologies, only some of her translations and journalistic work: Just try it (1985, Reykjavík), about women in typical mail jobs. The same year she moved to Gothenburg. She worked in theater of Gothenburg City for a for a short while, and then she studied Literature and Philosophy at the University of Gothenburg. Until 2008 she continued working as a freelance journalist of culture for the biggest newspaper in Iceland: Morgunblaðið, as well as writing for the Swedish magazine Danstidningen in Stockholm.

While living away from Iceland again, her first book of own poetry finally came (Því að þitt er landslagið, 1999, Uglur&Ormar, Reykjavík). Narrative Poems rebuilding the landscape of longing away as a child and longing back as an adult. And about the struggle of finding one self in another language, another way of thinking, another culture.

From year 2012 she was Vice President of Writer´s Center West, with office in Gothenburg and she became President of the organisation in Mars 2017.
Latest appearances 2017: Readings 8th of April in Borås in with the Poet collective PoPP; in Iceland 3 – 7 June with members from PoPP at Art gallery LA in Hveragerdi, Book café Nordurbakki in Hafnarfjördur and finally the Nordic house in Reykjavík. and in the end of June in Albanian: 27th in Fear Library and 28th in the library of Berat.

Foto Sokol Demaku. Albanien juni 2017

The 9th September, readings att Not Quite, Fengerfors i Dalsland - within the feministic projekt Interflicktion.

The 3st October to 4th of November, a several readings in Skopje Macedonia, 
24th of November, reading at the bookfear of Lubiljana, Slovenien 

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